About Us

Sol Haus is a solar energy company based in the RGV. Our services include solar panel installations and different renewable energy solutions for your home or business. We are working diligently to help customers save money on energy usage and help reduce total carbon emissions while at the same time offering very affordable prices on our solar projects. Inquire now for a FREE energy audit and installation quote.


Roof Mount
Car Port
Ground Mount
Roof Inspection
Battery Instalation


Remove or Dramatically Lower your electric bill
With solar panels you can completely remove your electric bill or lower it to almost nothing. Why pay for light when the sun can give you the energy you need?
Save and contribute to the environment
By changing to a renewable energy source, you help reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the overall global goal of switching to renewables. Let’s pave a better future for our children.
Increase the value of your property
Increase the value of your propoerty or business by using solar power in your house / business.